One Night Only Workshops TONIGHT, Tuesday, July 28th: 1920s Charleston (7-8pm) and Shim Sham Shimmy Line Dance (8-9pm). $15. admission (includes both workshops!)

Then, join us this SATURDAY Night, August 1st, for a "Safari Theme" Swing Dance with Phat Cat Swinger! $15. admission includes a Swing Lesson 7:30-8pm; (Band plays 8-11:30pm) plus snacks, refreshments, door prizes and "themed" fun!

Everyone is invited, you don't need a partner, just come & enjoy!


Tonight, Tuesday July 28, 20's Charleston & Shim Sham Workshops!

We're offering one-night-only workshops tonight, in 1920s Charleston (7-8pm) and the Shim Sham Shimmy Line Dance, popular around the world!  (8-9pm)  $15. admission (includes BOTH workshops!). PBDA, 73 N. Hill Ave., Pasadena, behind the church.  Join us!


Phat Cat Swinger This Saturday Night, August 1st-"Safari" theme!

Join us this Saturday night, August 1st, for our "African Safari" night, with Phat Cat Swinger!!  Swing lesson 7:30-8pm; Band plays 8-11:30pm.  $15. admission includes the lesson, plus snacks, refreshments, door prizes and 'themed' fun!  

Okay to join our 6-week series of classes THIS Week of July 26th! 


Two Dances this Weekend! Ballroom on Friday 7-24, Swing on Saturday!

This Friday Night, July 24th, it's an Evening of Ballroom with a Ballroom 2-step lesson from 7:30-8pm, and a DJ'd variety of Ballroom sounds 8-10pm.  $15. admission includes the lesson, plus snacks and door prizes.

Saturday night, our weekly Swing Dance will feature Debra Watson & The Smokin' Aces.  It's a "Night in Monte Carlo" Casino theme evening, with a Swing Lesson 7:30-8pm; Band plays 8-11:30pm.  $15 admission includes the lesson, plus snacks, refreshments, door prizes, and extra "themed" fun!


West Coast Swing Party Tonight, Sunday, July 19th!

Guest instructors: Phil Adams & Mindia Robin will teach an Int. West Coast Swing Lesson from 6:30-7:30pm, followed by DJ'd dancing 'til 9PM.  (West Coast Swing, with a bit of Cha-cha and Hustle thrown in, too!).  $15. admission includes the Lesson and the Dance.   ($10 Dance only, after 7:30pm). 

Next Weekend it's Ballroom Dancing on Friday Night, July 24th, and Debra Watson & The Smokin' Aces for our weekly Swing Dance on Saturday's a Night in Monte Carlo theme.  Join us!


July 18th, with The Dean Mora Swingtet! An Evening in Italy theme

Buona Sera, it's an "Evening in Italy" theme with The Dean Mora Swingtet, this Saturday night July 18th.  Swing Lesson 7:30-8pm, Band plays 8-11:30pm.  $15. includes the lesson, plus snacks (pizza tonight!), refreshments, door prizes, and more 'themed' fun.  Join us! 

Sunday, July 19th, it's a West Coast Swing Party with an Int. W.C. lesson with guest instructors: Phil Adams & Mindia Robin.  Then DJ'd W.C. Swing dancing 'til 9pm.  $15. includes the lesson and dance, ($10 dance only, after 7:30pm).   Fun weekend!